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Nov 14

How a professor got her students interested in class through technology

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Case Study

If you teach at a school of Dentistry, are currently teaching with hardware clickers, or want to increase participation and attendance, this post is for you!

Dr. Cheryl Fryer, Professor at the Howard University College of Dentistry, and four of her colleagues decided to try out Top Hat in their courses. Faculty used Top Hat to improve comprehension of material presented, increase class discussion and engagement, and monitor attendance.

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Nov 14

The Deeper Goal of Education

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Nov 14

Ways to ensure your 1:1 initiative is successful

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As author Jim Collins so eloquently put it in his book Good to Great, “Technology alone never holds the key to success. However, when used right, technology is an essential driver in accelerating forward momentum.”

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Nov 14

How to teach through the noise: Grabbing and keeping students’ attention

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“Boredom is excess attention with insufficient intention. It brings us directly in touch with our conditioned need for constant stimulation. You don’t know who you are without something to bounce off.” – Ken McLeod

There are endless avenues available for distraction, so how do you get students to choose your lecture?

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Nov 14

How and why to implement team based learning

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Case study.

If you’re looking to implement the team based learning pedagogy style in your classroom, then this post is for you!

Debra J Barnette is an Assistant Professor in the Division of Pharmacy Practice at Ohio State University College of Pharmacy. Debra has recently taken a new approach to teaching her Pharmacology and Therapeutics classes. In an effort to move away from the one-way conversation lecture to a more dynamic style of teaching, Debra now approaches these classes with a team based learning approach. And in fact, there are many institutions who are beginning to teach in this way.

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