Professor Tools : Flip your class with Khan Academy

Professor Tools : Flip your class with Khan Academy

The Tools for Educators series is your how-to guide for utilizing modern technology in and outside the classroom. In this week’s tools for professors post, we explore, Khan Academy, a ‘forever free’ website that you can use to flip your classroom.

What Is It?

Khan Academy was started in 2006 by Salman Khan as a way for him to tutor his cousin in Mathematics. Khan would take a mathematical concept and then film himself teaching that concept on a virtual blackboard. Khan started to think that people other than his cousin might benefit from these videos. He posted them on YouTube and they started getting a lot of views. Khan academy now has more than 300M YouTube views across their channel and over 1.5M subscribers. Their content now covers: Math, science, humanities and computer science.

Why You Should Use It

If you have ever thought about flipping your classroom, Khan might be the perfect avenue to explore. Granted some of the content is not designed specifically for higher-ed classrooms, there are some very advanced concepts. If you aren’t familiar with flipped classrooms, have a look at our 5 steps to a flipped classroom in higher education post to see how easy it is to try. The general idea is that the learning happens outside of the lecture and the discussions, questions and integration of that knowledge happens in the lecture.

When you decide to flip your classroom, you need content to “flip it” on. If you use Khan Academy, you don’t need to design / build this content yourself.

The Killer Feature

I think Khan Academy’s homepage sums up the Killer Feature pretty clearly:

You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.

Khan Academy is Free and will always be free. Pretty cool.

How Much Does It Cost?

See above.

Where can I get it?

Head on over to Khan Academy to get started.

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